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Enhancing Parent/School Relationships

We all share the common goal of educating children and at the heart of learning is the child’s wellbeing.

A student’s wellbeing is enhanced when the gap between home and school is minimal and all parties communicate, respect and cooperate with each other.

Each child is unique and teachers work extremely hard to learn about their students, to understand how they learn and what makes them motivated and engaged. When parents share information about their child’s interests, their health, family situation or just their daily routine it assists teachers to get to know their child and understand why they may be feeling a certain way, or why they are enthusiastic about a task or at times wanting or not wanting to come to school.

Working in a positive partnership, our communication is meaningful and we become grounded in a sense of belonging to our school and our Parish. We understand that there are parents who are unable to be active participants in the school setting during the day and we recognise the valuable contribution all parents can make through their support at home.

Ways to enhance a positive school relationship:

  • Recognising that everyone can contribute in different ways.
  • Listening and talking to one another.
  • Making an effort to understand and trust a point of view.
  • Having face to face meetings, when needed.
  • Treating information with confidentiality and respecting a person’s privacy.
  • Sharing information unique to your child.
  • Attending school functions and allowing your child to participate in these extra curricula activities with their classmates.
  • Showing support for the school by being happy and positive about your child’s education.
  • Supporting learning at home.
  • Valuing their education by ensuring their daily attendance at school.
  • When a child is going to be absent, notifying the school of their absence.

Building partnerships and professional relationships with staff is an ongoing process and requires effort and commitment from each party.

Above all, it is worth remembering that children’s mental health and wellbeing benefits from a positive environment and a respectful partnership when we interact with each other.

Home and School Partnership

We have reached the midway point of Term 1.  Our students settled back into the routine of school quickly and those starting school for the first time have also adapted to their new environment. 

It was pleasing to see our parents take the opportunity to meet with their child’s home group teacher recently and share information pertaining to their child that may assist the teacher in understanding more about their child.  These insights are imperative. Each child is unique and valued and we do our best to meet the individual needs of every child. 

The partnership between home and school can never be underestimated.  It is in fact vital. Parents and families are the first and continuing educators of their children and the school shares in that responsibility of ongoing learning in a formal setting. St. Brigid’s is committed to providing our students with every opportunity to succeed.

If strong partnerships exist between parents and teachers and the school, communication is more effective and meaningful. The key to building successful relationships is having a connectedness to school, a sense of belonging that requires mutual respect and trust.

Foundation Year 2019






Encouraging Reading at Home

Now that the school year has commenced and students have settled into the routine of school it is important we consolidate good reading habits.

We recognise that learning to read is a sequential process but all too often we see reluctant readers among our young students.  Students who experience difficulty with reading often feel overwhelmed and give up trying and do not full understand the enjoyment that can come from reading. If a child enjoys reading when they are young there is every chance they will continue to enjoy reading into adulthood and that will last a lifetime.

Creating the right conditions at home for reading is a step that all parents can take to encourage reading at any age. Encourage the love of reading by:

  • Creating a quiet, comfortable space to read
  • Modelling reading. Children learn readily from example: from what they see and hear.
  • Showing your child you value reading
  • Reading aloud. No child is ever too old!
  • Reading books that caters to the interest of your child
  • Exposing them to books from a variety of genres
  • Visiting a library
  • Listening to your child read, explaining words they find hard to understand
  • Talking about the characters in the book
  • Predicting what is going to happen and see if you are right, this encourages them to finish reading the book
  • Discussing alternative endings.
  • Making time to hear your child read their ‘take home book’ each night. Not treating it as a chore.
  • Using interactive books, read-a-long books
  • Treating books with respect by not damaging them
  • Consider giving a book as a gift

So, grab a book and go visit a different land, time and place.

Our school Library is open during lunch time every Tuesday from 1.35 p.m. to 2.00 p.m. for students who wish to visit.

Happy reading!



Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is an important day for St. Brigid’s School and all Catholic people as it marks the beginning of the Season of Lent.  The Ashes we received on our foreheads this morning is made from the blessed palms branches used in the Palm Sunday celebration of the previous year and are an outward sign of our commitment to the penitential season and a reminder that God is gracious and merciful to all those who turn to him with repentant hearts. It signifies our preparedness to take up our responsibility of creating a better, more peaceful world by living the way Jesus teaches us through his example and through understanding Scripture.

Our Lenten journey is one of prayer, self-denial and helping others and the next six weeks we will focus on preparing to celebrate the highest point of our faith: The Paschal Mystery: the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

During this time of Lent, the Catholic Church supports Caritas Australia through Project Compassion. Caritas Australia works with the world’s poor to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold the dignity of all. They work together with underprivileged communities around the world to bring about positive, sustainable change in their lives.

Caritas Australia fundraising and awareness-raising appeal may be accessed through their website:

We are all invited to a period of self-reflection, prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  Let us make the most of this opportunity to prepare ourselves to begin anew so we are more able to fully participate in a holy and joyful Easter.



Student Representative Council

This week each home group elected their representative for the Student Representative Council (SRC).

The SRC is a group of students elected by their fellow students to represent them and give them a student voice in matters concerning the ways they participate in school life.

The role of the SRC representative is to promote the views of students and to encourage all students to be actively involved in St. Brigid’s. By contributing to decision making and raising awareness of any issues or concerns they have provides all students with a voice on aspects of school life that they feel are important to them.

The elected term for a SRC representative is one semester to enable them to develop as leaders, share their ideas, improve their public speaking through student-led conversations, increase their responsibility of good citizenship, enhance their problem solving skills and take action on any initiatives they undertake throughout their elected term.

Congratulations to the first semester representatives. We thank you for accepting the role and look forward to you empowering our students and representing them in a democratic way.



Welcome to the 2018 School Year

It is an exciting time for our new Foundation Year students who commenced their formal primary schooling last Thursday. We also have many other students across all levels starting at St. Brigid’s this year. We wish those beginning school, those returning and those beginning a new, a happy start and a successful and productive association with our school.

Our teaching staff have been analysing data obtained from student assessments to best cater for the individual needs of our students.  We have a commitment to teaching that is directed to the students’ needs and continue to develop an innovative and challenging curriculum that will engage our students in tasks and learning experiences that focuses on achieving success within a Catholic context.

A student’s learning and development is enhanced when the school has the support from parents and or guardians. Things for you to consider are:

  • Create a home environment that encourages learning
  • Be involved in your child’s education at school and in the community
  • Ensure your child has regular attendance at school
  • Encourage a positive attitude about school
  • Have genuine discussions about school with your child
  • Be sensitive when your child is struggling academically, socially or emotionally.
  • Where possible link school work with family outings and current events
  • Develop opportunities for building your child’s decision making and problem solving skills
  • Foster independence
  • Build a trusting relationship with your child’s teacher/s
  • Assist with and develop organizational skills
  • Attend school based activities


This list is by no means exhaustive. Parents have a positive contribution to make to their child’s achievement and learning is best enhanced when parents and school staff work together to facilitate a supportive environment.

With a strong belief in the importance of education and the continual development of capabilities such as resilience and self-confidence it will undoubtedly lead to a determined aspirational future within the child.



End of the 2017 School Year

Like most of us the end of the school year approaches with speed and delight and there is always much to do.

Last Monday evening we celebrated our Year 6 students leaving their primary years behind to embark on their secondary school journey next year. It is an exciting time for them and their families and there were a few tears throughout the night as speeches were made and goodbyes were extended.

We feel truly blessed that our Year 6 students have been on their primary school journey with us and have contributed immensely to the life of our school.

Again, this year, has been one of tremendous growth and learning and this has been achieved through the hard work and determination of all. 

As a Catholic School our education is faithful to the tradition and teachings of the Church and follows the ideals of St. Brigid of Knowledge, Strength, Faith, and Hospitality. We, students and their families, friends and staff, have all worked to make the Kingdom of God present to our community and through God’s grace and guidance we have been enriched not just in our spirit and intellect but in our hearts.

We thank Fr. Jeff, Fr. Hilarion and the Parish Team for guiding us on our pastoral journey.

Thank you to our students who have embraced their school community and worked together to learn, grow and make lasting friendships. 

We thank our parents, guardians, relatives and friends for their support. There are many ways we have benefited from your assistance such as through fundraising initiatives, camp and excursion helpers, in the classroom, library, donations to our supported charities and all those who generally support our school through being positive and spreading good will within our community. This assistance and your encouragement is very much appreciated.

On Tuesday, we celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving for the wonderful school year we have had together. Following the conclusion of Mass, we celebrated the Rite of Passage, handing over our Year 6 students to St. Francis Xavier College, our feeder secondary College which is also symbolic of all schools our Year 6 students will be attending and the passing on of student leadership to our Year 5 students for next year.

We thank our Students Leaders for 2018 that have accepted a formal role in the leadership of our school.  Leadership is not just limited to our formal student leaders but embraced through the Student Representative Council and other opportunities that provide a student voice to our school.  

We have a dedicated and enthusiastic staff and I cannot thank them enough for their commitment to our school and the wonderful, caring way they support our students.

As we come closer to celebrating the birth of Jesus at Christmas, may we make room for Jesus in our daily lives and share this in our relationships with others and in all our words and actions.

May the Prince of Peace come and dwell in us this Christmas and may the festive season be a joyful and safe one for you all.




Victorian School Garden Awards

We are pleased to advise that St. Brigid’s is an Award winner in this year’s Victorian Schools Garden Awards. We have received a Regional Award and a State Award for all our school gardens, including our vegetable garden.

I would like to acknowledge the great work Mrs. Winder undertook to register our school and present our gardens in a submission and provided a tour of our gardens to the judges. Thank you to Mrs. Winder, Mr. Sweeney, our students and everyone who has supported and worked to create our Award winning school gardens.

An official Award ceremony was held at the Royal Botanic Gardens on Thursday, November 23rd 2017. A representative group of students attended with Mrs. Winder and Mrs. Logan and were presented with the following Awards:


Footy Fever!

Melbourne is in the midst of Footy Fever as we come to the end of Term 3.  We took the opportunity to celebrate our passion for sport, in particular, our support of any of the football codes our students support on the last day before the school holidays.

Students and staff were invited to wear their footy gear for a gold coin donation. This year we will be donating money raised to Trinity Families  which is a charitable fund assisting families in the Gippsland and outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

The Grand Final of the Australian Football League and the National Rugby League will be played during the school holidays.  I wish all teams a fair and sportsmanship like game, however, I do have my favourites. For me, it would be wonderful to see a Richmond and Melbourne Storm win.

Then it will be on to support the A-League.  Their season commences in October. Go Melbourne City!




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